Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Going Back To Art

Art has always been a strength, even as a child.  Over the last while, I've been feeling rather depressed and then, something clicked in me.  "Why am I not drawing?", I asked myself.  I love music, and I figure I can create my own interpretation of a song in the ways of artwork. I started sketching out a few songs that I absolutely love and I am fascinated by the idea.  I cannot wait to afford a few canvases and start painting these ideas already sketched out.  Furthermore, as a kudos to the artists that move me with their music, I would love to get some prints made off of the paintings and send it their way.  

I have some brainstorming to do, but I know I can actually create awesomeness with my creative mind.  Music/poetry is something I love, but I have a real hard time trying to piece together melodies and musical structures to my lyrics.   So, what better than to go back to "my roots" and paint again.  

If anyone is reading my blog, I'm open to any of your favorite, positive song suggestions.. Keep in mind, I do pick apart the lyrics to visualize the meanings of the songs.  I want to only use positive songs because there is way too much negative in the world today.  Lets create love.

Love and light and beauty


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