Monday, January 7, 2013

The Art of Reading Earl on The Greyest of Blue Skies

The skies seem to be revealing the mood set for the day; Paynes grey.  There is a stillness about Northern Ontario winters that brings out the worst out of people.  I hear the sounding alarms of police cars, heavily footed drivers honking their horns only to get to their next destination 2 minutes earlier.  One would say that it can be hard to maintain a sense of positivism during these winter months.

Today marks the day of birth of a woman with a story; mom.  To honor this day, I thought it would be a neat idea to give her a tea leaf reading.  We used an Earl Grey tea (my favorite for it's fragrance and taste).  Her reading was notably parallel with her current life situations and self discoveries, so it was wonderful to see she's on the "right track" so to speak.

I've always been sort of a clairvoyant, a truth seeker, explorer.  So, I decided to do my own reading, all which was based on a meditated question.  I asked about a certain love and light.  My answers certainly didn't surprise me neither. The near future shows a lover (horse), with strength (branch).  My ultimate answer showed that I have a secret energy (pelican), that everything is good (dove), that I will have good fortune (sheep) yet to watch out for the owls (gossipers), but that I see through the facade and essentially see the truth of the matter (eyeglasses).

With that said, I will not light the sky with a flare but send a smoke signal with the fire lit in my heart for this awesome person that caught my eyes and ears over 13 years ago.

Tonight, I watch the news and take note of the very mild temperatures for the next few days.  This excites me because I am a nature nut, a lover of the wild.  I may just find myself building a lean-to sometime over the next few nights and escaping to the wilderness where I can find my true Self, accompanied by my doggie Roxy, camera, a pad of paper to write music and poetry and a sketchbook for my artistic itch.  My passions and purpose.

Much love,
Keep smiling,
Love life.

Andrea Lynn

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