Thursday, October 24, 2013

New York, New York

A friend suggested that this would be a suiting song for the blog: (to open up a new page, hold down CTRL and click on link)

I recently embarked on a journey to New York for a 2 day book signings that was being held in the New York area by an author/musician I have admired over the years .  It felt surreal being there and it also felt like I've been there before, despite the fact that it was my first time.

Along the flight, I conversed with two young Italian travellers who were staying close to where I had booked my hotel. We carpooled in my rental and we made our way over to New Jersey side. We ended up going for supper and they were super sweet and nice to cover my meal. Mucho gracias!

This was a very emotionally charged trip for me, as made my way around this large city over a 3 day period.  I had the opportunity to go on the Liberty Island tour.  Unfortunately, there were no more tours available to go all the way up to the viewing station but I did get the chance to view the base of her pedestal and the museum.  Entering, I was greeted by a wonderful man giving information and tours.  I had done some independent research back home on Liberty and made some interesting connections during my research. The tour leader probed me on my knowledge, and I ended up enlightening this wonderful man with some perspective from a Canadian.  Jokingly, and perhaps with some honesty, he asked me if I could take over the tour while he went to lunch with his work companion.  I helped a few couples with group photos and was again drawn into the history and models of what Bartholi had envisioned for Liberty and Freedom.

Thank you to the couple who took this photo below.

I bought a few small gifts, such as postcards and a pair of earrings made of Wrought Iron that were made out of the 2nd story rail overlooking the Registry room of Ellis Island.  Unfortunately, the tour didn't include a visit to Ellis Island due to Hurricane Sandy from the year prior.  It was still under renovations. 

One of the postcards that stood out to me was a cartoon depiction of the statue of Liberty with an ascending female, clothed in white, pink linen and has a grey linen draped over her arm.  "Résurrection de la Liberté." It made me think of an old French folklore song from my childhood, and it gave me a whole new way of looking at that song.  I bought two of these postcards and one of Ellis Island.

Another notable discovery I made (to be taken with a cup of humor) was the shape of Manhattan and the location of the 3 islands (Liberty/Ellis/Governor) in the bay... It looks like a giant....oh, should I say it?...Penis with 3 semen spots.  Funny what you can see with Google Map. 

Later that day, I drove to Long Island for the 1st book signing. I passed by Jamaica and Hempstead and couldn't help but giggle at the connections to marijuana and hemp.  Then, I pondered about WHY the city of New York was called the Big Apple when there are no apple trees. So all I could come up with is seeds...but what kind?  Oddly enough, I do know where there is a big apple, if you travel to Western Canada to a city called Kelowna.  During the book signing, I gave the author a gift. A book I had put together that was a draft which contained illustrations, photos and odd facts that has been making me ponder about our connectivity for years. I interacted with others in line and they too shared their gifts for the author with me.  So many amazing people came out to this book signing and really grateful to have met them all.

On day two of the book signings, I stayed close to the location on Manhattan Island.  I parked my car across the street at underground paid parking and was greeted by a jovial man who was originally from Montreal and later moved to New York.  Going up to street level, I bought the author's book and sat down at a café, I opened the book and made my way through the pages for the first time over coffee  Then, BLAM! Another wave of emotion.  Only this time, it felt like a group of butterflies flying around me, representing Love, Understanding, Joy and crying giggles and more.  How is it possible that two books can mirror each other in such an intimate way? I have plenty of questions myself that I would love to discuss with the author as I am quite confident to say that He as well, probably has a query or two.  On a side note, I cordially invite you, yes you to Canada to discuss an open-minded collaboration of some sort.

I walked around Manhattan carrying my guitar, however, I didn't really feel like playing, just talking to people.  I also met a great guy who was a writer who enjoyed the color purple, another that was working on a TV series and another fellow musician with an interesting name. 

I also had the opportunity to go inside St Paul's church which is facing the memorial site of the twin towers. Once again, a flood of emotions filled me with sorrow as I saw with my own eyes all the memorial cards of those who tragically died.  I walked around the large block of the memorial site
praying in my heart while burning white sage. 

I made my way back towards the location of the book signing and joined other audience members in line.  I shared knowledge with a couple of Green Peace workers that took the streets to raise awareness on ecological issues our world is facing.  I shared information about companies such as such as Elementa, the Chaga mushroom with many great health benefits, eco vs. ego, and giving "Peas a Chance"...

Lots of Love, Hope, Joy to those who have touched my life in a special way during my visit to New York.  What a beautiful and spirit-filled city and I am grateful for being in your presence.

Back in the forest, retreating to painting art on an array of canvases.  I feel a jolt of inspiration including nature as the canvas. 

Have a wonderful day

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