Friday, January 31, 2014

All About Love

Foreigner sings, "I Want To Know What Love Is" and the BeeGees ask, "How Deep Is Your Love?"

"Is This Love?", asks Whitesnake....Celine tells me that "Love Can Move Mountains" and the Judds say that "Love Can Build A Bridge". And, I know that "Love Hurts" but sometimes it is a good hurt. ....and they "Dig" it. So, do you all know what Love is?

I see all these songs about love and I understand the complexity of this word, the double meaning of it. Thank heavens the music industry's been giving us the hints for years yet, we as individuals do not see the "messages" clearly.

When has men forgot to ask for permission before stealing something that doesn't even belong to them in the first place? Yes, Love.... our defender, our warmth, our cars are all made up of Love, or with Love.

Holy (g)rail? The divider between countries. The rail lines, to transport the Love we dig.

We have come so far from the "beginning of the book" that we have forgotten about the beautiful gardens. Je me souviens.

So, with all honesty and clarity. God's Love IS the "mine-(h)er-all.....mineral... ALL is filled with Love. Ore (mineral) right? Or is Gold in French....just a minor looking for a heart of ore.....

Hope this gives Sudbury minors something to think about...if not, consult the Sudbury Rocks book. It's called the Bi bull.

Everest.- the meteor/mineral you stand upon, that keeps you warm, that sends the messages along the wire, that keeps you safe while you are behind the wheel. 

 Do you Love me?