Saturday, April 6, 2013

Act of Kindness And An Act of Kindness

I've been playing guitar on the streets trying to raise money for a trip across country and continent.  Half the proceeds raised will be going towards the Make Yourself Foundation (About the Make Yourself Foundation)

Tonight, despite the cold northern Ontario weather, I geared up and went downtown to play some music.  I love interacting with the random people that I meet and so grateful all the while for all the support and donations.  The best donations are homemade gifts.  Tonight, a wonderful Metis man gave me two candles he had made, along with an empty canvas to paint upon as well as shared some of his poetry, a poem called Two or Tree.  I was touched by these gifts.  Next time I see this gentle man, I will have a painted canvas that he can enjoy with the gift me gave me in the first place!

I sang a special song for a young man that was struggling in his life and as I was singing and playing, I can see he was writing something down on a notepad.  He tearfully handed me the paper afterwards.  I didn't read it then, but as soon as I got home, I was completely moved by his words.  I will always keep that note.

I didn't make much money but the memories will remain! It's beautiful sharing some music with people and to hear their life stories and talk about hope for a better future! So grateful for tonight's conversations and smiles.

Love and Light!!

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