Monday, April 15, 2013

Conversations With A Raccoon

Yesterday. as I took my lovely doggie for a walk, I was preparing my mind to do a knot tying ceremony to release some of the anxieties I felt earlier that day.  My dog made me aware of a raccoon that was sitting by a pool of water in the bush and I observed him.  He didn't look very healthy, looked rather sick and weak.  I calmly tied my dog to a tree and sat 5 feet from the raccoon that was now laying down.  I must have spent about 10 minutes or so talking with this raccoon about life, about his life.  I felt extremely humbled in this moment.  I told him he wasn't alone and I sent a prayer out to the universe for him.  He got up and started to walk closer to me, as he struggled to breathe.  I got up and asked him to follow me, and he did.  I wished him well as he made his way to a small stream that connected to a creek that runs through our city (and below).

I continued on my walk with my doggie and as I made my way back, I had now noticed the raccoon was laying between the stumps of two coppice tree by the smaller stream.  I told him that if I were in his shoes, I would want to be exactly where he was resting, listening to the sound of the flowing water as he prepared to make his way into his next life.

It's funny how life throws moments like these.

Peace and Love

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