Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dreams And Synchronistic Events

I recently had a wonderful dream where I had two individually wrapped feathers in cellophane, and I was taking them out of their packaging.  This was the most significant part of the dream.  Both feathers seemed slender and dark in color, but beautiful.

Today, as I made my way through the mall, I found myself in a shop that I had bought a Tibetan Singing Bowl, in search of a cute skirt.  As I made my way around the store, slowly, soaking in every content in sight, I caught my eyes on a Hindu/Buddhism book.  I sifted through the book quickly, and as I put the book back on the shelf, I noticed beside the book there were 3 individually wrapped feathers, in cellophane.  The feathers were painted, each having their own picture and frame, holding the feather in place.. I took the feather with the spotted frog to the store owner and told him about the dream and how I found this feather interesting.  He told me that he had bought it from a Shaman from South American, in Panama.  The Shaman had set the price himself for sale.

Lovely synchronicity through a dream.

Love and Light

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