Monday, April 22, 2013

Happiest of Earth Days

What a gloriously awesome day.

After a few hours on the job, I decided to head downtown to play some guitar for Earth Day.. Rewinding now to over 10 years ago, on  Earth Day, I played guitar at a book store to help raise money. This was a televised event.  Ten years ago, I was much more shy behind my guitar, but I still went ahead with courage and played three songs, two of which were from my favorite band of awesome guys.  Today, now moving forward, I revisited the downtown core and played two songs on the streets for my favorite band. On Twitter, a group of fans organized a genre of "fest" to celebrate this band, so it was nice to raise money for their foundation as well as sing a few of their songs openly with a much louder voice than 10 years ago..

Here's a photo of a gentle man I met. He was also celebrating Earth Day.  *Note the sign on his bike and my tshirt.

Afterwards, heading home, I met another man by the nickname of Soupy.. I helped him walk to the Samaritan Centre for a warm meal.  What would normally take me 5 minutes to walk, because of my baby giraffe legs (hahah) took an awesome hour of enlightening conversations along the way, through memorial park, past the "frolicking seals" and stones set in the ground reading off RESPECT at the beginning of the trail and the last one being FRIENDSHIP...  

We talked a lot of life, taking one step at a time, and how to enjoy the sweetness of the lemons in life. 

We hope to bump into each other again.  Of course, got a few funny compliments about my booty. Needless to say, I had some red gum on my jeans from sitting down with Soupy for a midway break.  hahha.  Not the first time I've encountered an embarrassing moment I can laugh out loud about later and for years to come! 

Love and Light and once again, Happy Earth Day


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