Monday, April 8, 2013

Building A Better Futures Within Our Communities

I recently found a bookmark that I would love to share with you.  It has thoughts and ideas on how to build better communities.  I will also share some of my own thoughts as to what we can further do to create some of the positive changes.  They are great ideas I've thought of, or have tried and the results proved successful.

1. Turn of TV
- cut down on the amount of negative feedback you receive by what is being played on TV.
- you get to save on your electrical bill
- enjoy the outdoors and fresh air

2. Know your neighbors
- Be kind and understand that everyone comes from a different background, or has a story that can break your heart.

3. Look up where you are walking
- Don't get yourself into a sticky situation going down that dark alleyway, alone

4. Greet people
- Be kind, say good day; you may increase the positivity in their lives by just smiling.  I feel in larger cities, you don't see this happen often, people are way too consumed with where they're going and look at you like an alien when you smile at them and say good day...All the more reason to greet them.

5. Plant flowers
- Let's face it, flowers are beautiful, they smell pretty and they also offer oxygen which is essential to our survival.

6. Recycle
- Very important in today's world where the demand for products have increased.  It helps cutting costs by reusing ziplock bags, using styrofoam as artists' palettes, etc...

7. Bake extra and share
- I'm a sucker for this one, I love baking/cooking so I always have extra.

8. Use your library
- Instead of using internet sources, electrical power, read read read!

9. Play together
- Road hockey, sports, non competitiveness, enjoy the people you are with and not so much winning the match.

10. Buy from local merchants
- Help support your city and the community by buying from local meat markets, fruit/veggie stands.  Inquire with the merchants on how they grow their veggies. Know what is in your food. With today's larger markets, we fail to notice that half of what we eat has been genetically modified and making us sick.

11. Share what you have
- Lets face it, we don't have a trailer hitch tied to our coffins when we pass onto our next lives.  Share what you have.  Donate clothes, shoes, articles to causes that help support people that are less fortunate.

12. Pick up litter
- Oh, I can write a book on this subject... It is our responsibility as consumers to pick up litter.  Please don't wait for someone else to clean up our communities.. Create street cleanups with your neighbors, recycle, take care of our mother Earth. I did 6 hrs/week of garbage cleanup on my own time last year and worked as well.  No excuse people.

13. Garden together
- Creating community based gardens in every ward, asking your city councel to create these projects to instill a sense of togetherness, and community and sharing the yield at harvest time. Remember, more oxygen, healthier people

14. Compost
- Create composts, research on how to create a great composting system.  This is the best way to create amazing gardens for the years to come!

15. Take children to the park
- I see how there has been an increase on the amount of children with TV's, Playstation units, computers in their rooms and homes.  Share time together, take your children out of the electrical environment and spend some quality time with them.  This creates a stronger bond and improves their lives.

16. Listen to the birds
- I think everyone can agree that they love to bird-watch.  Take time in the morning and listen to the sound of the birds.

17. Fix it even if you didn't break it
- Problem solving will help increase brain productivity and imagination.  You feel a sense of accomplishment when you fix something.

18. Take action to create positive change in your community
- Take part in local organizations, volunteer.  I love playing guitar downtown to bring music back to the community.

19. Honor elders
- I love sitting with elders and hearing their stories of the past of our cities and how things were when they were teenagers through their thoughts.  It helps create a mental image where you can improve your community today.

20. Have potlucks
- I am a sucker for having potluck music playing sessions.  Everyone brings a snack and we get to enjoy great food together and great music

21.Start a tradition
- This summer, I will be starting my own tradition with others of like mind, playing hand drums around many of our surrounding lakes.  What traditions can improve your community?

22. Know your political representative
- Very important to ensure that the promises are kept and to ensure that things improve within the community. Offer suggestions

23. Seek to understand
- Understanding how things got to where they are today, with open eyes, and seek ways to improve them.

Lots of love,

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